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Cocktails Highlights for Season 23/24

Cocktails Highlights for Season 23/24 For some awesome cocktails in Gozo, the View Zebbug is definitely worth a try! We take beverages and our whole bar menu very seriously. Whether you pair a cocktail with the sumptuous food you order, have an appéritif prior to commencing the degustation, or just to simply enjoy your favourite mix of fine spirits, we certainly can serve some feisty cocktails! Mojito Cocktails in Gozo First off, the Mojito! For a little history, it is […]

Dessert Menu for Winter Season 23/24

DESSERT Highlights FOR SEASON 23/24 The View Chocolate Praline Bar Desserts in Gozo First off, our signature Praline Bar. There’s nothing that excites taste buds more than chocolate and salt – and we’ve combined the two!! Our filling includes peanuts, salted caramel and an almond praline. For the chocolate, we use premium Chocolaterie de l’Opéra chocolate mousse! To finish, the Praline Bar is covered with milk chocolate, salted peanuts, Dacquoise, and vanilla chantilly cream. Baked alaska Desserts IN GOZO Next, our […]

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Food Highlights for Season 23/24

It is no secret that we take great pride in our dishes, serving the freshest local produce, and combining classic and Mediterranean cuisines to elevate your culinary experience in Gozo. In this article we’re going to give you some finer details into the works of three amazing dishes that we’re currently at The View Zebbug! First the Salmon Tartar, followed by the Pistachio Guanciale, and finally our classic Ribs.

Salmon Tartare (starter)
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Salmon is really a favourite amongst clients. Salmon’s popularity is undeniable due to its high protein, high omega-3 fatty acids, and high vitamin D content. But, back to the taste buds –  Salmon Tartare is a dish made with raw salmon that has been finely chopped or diced and mixed with various seasonings and ingredients.

 First, we cut the finest wild salmon fillet chunks, evenly chopped. Then we marinate the fillets in a soy and basil dressing, which is then served on a bed of zesty orange slices. For our finishing touches, we also add some luscious lumpfish caviar, together with locally-sourced spring onions, as well as sesame seeds, and some toasted local bread. 

Pistachio Guanciale 

For this dish, we sourced our inspiration from our neighbouring Italian heartlands and our mutual love for pistachio! The Pistachio Calabrese cream is a sweet cream or paste made from pulverised pistachio paste, often with added sugar and other ingredients. It is a spreadable cream with a high percentage of pistachio, usually around 50-60%. Pistachio cream is a popular Italian product, particularly from the Calabria region.

As for our special dish for this season, we prepare fresh (colonna pompeiana-tube shaped pasta) pasta to accompany the sauce. The pasta is cooked in butter, pistachio calabrese cream, fresh local basil and pecorino stagionale. This full-flavoured dish is finished with crushed pistachios and crispy Guanciale.

Guanciale is another popular ingredient in Malta and Gozo, an Italian cured meat product made from pork jowl or cheeks. Its name is derived from the Italian word for “cheek,” guancia; it is sought for its fatty texture and lends a rich, salty, fatty note to pasta and sauces.

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Yes, BBQ Ribs are another favourite that we’re highlighting this season. What is the trick to perfectly-cooked ribs? Some say it’s in the cooking method, others say the sauce – we strongly believe it’s a combination of both!

Our slow-cooked oven-baked loin ribs are to die for. They are cooked in a homemade sticky barbecue and honey sauce, which is then also served on top.


Gozo Ribs

These are just three of the amazing dishes we serve here at The View Zebbbug. Come and enjoy the perfect meal with friends and family whilst we serve you with some delightful food, in a welcoming atmosphere.